Howdy!  The Jessicas are getting Re-Wed! Well, kinda.  We were broke and in a hurry for our first wedding celebration because I knocked the ole gal up, or maybe because my brother was imminently headed to Uganda for a two year stint in the Peace Corps.  

Now we have the time and a bit of money to have the party we missed out on the first time.  So for our five year anniversary we ask you to come and celebrate with us.  Food, booze, dancing and karaoke will be available.

As this is a bit unconventional we do not expect any gifts whatsoever but if you're feeling generous or want to participate in our "friendly little competition" then feel free to speak with your gift.

By donating to the particular cause you are making your voice heard on whether we should; be "more adult" and outfit the house we recently bought so it doesn't look like a college dorm, enjoy fun and sun by getting certified to sail in the British Virgin Islands, or level up our "adulting" and buy sperm for babymaking.

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